Monday, April 25, 2016

Animatronic Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur is amazing and mysterious creature. It live in Jurassic time when it's far away from us. As the huge creature become extinct in our life, we seldom know it well now. While dinosaur always attractive us to know them and study them.

I was born and grown up a small town-Zigong, Sichuan, China. That name Dinosaur Town of China. When I was a kid to go to Dinosaur Museum with many times, while I still not know much about it, seems Dinosaur always let us study about its life or why extinct in earth. After many years, when I back to hometown, it's surprise Dinosaurs back to our life! Our talent people of Pestyle Live Dino with their passion and wisdom to create lifelike animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur fossil, dinosaur rides, dinosaur costume etc. These walking dinosaurs show in domestic and overseas is popular in theme park, museum for entertainment people with education children. 

Pestyle Live Dino make lifelike dinosaur with good quality service is praised by our worldwide clients. We successfully support overseas client build the first biggest Animatronic Dinosaur park in Middle East country - Oman. Our life-size animatronic dinosaur attractive many worldwide people visiting it in theme park at annual Muscat Festival entertainment events. It's special our King of dinosaur T-Rex become the Super star of Dinosaur to be loved by many visitors. People enjoy take photos with T-Rex to impress the good memory with Live Dinosaur in life. 

We love Dinosaurs, its always live in our life. Let's play with dinosaurs in more Animatronic Dinosaur Park to enjoy walking with Live Dinosaurs.